NBNCo Pit & Pipe Design

NBNCo will install fibre into new developments of 100 premises (dwellings / units) or more, to be released over a three year period, within the NBN fibre footprint. Refer to Rollout Map.

Developers are responsible for designing & installing pit & pipe infrastructure, and NBNCo will cover the cost of designing & installing the fibre and active equipment for broadband and telephone services.

Power Solutions Expertise
Our experience in the electrical design sector over the last 20 years has established Power Solutions as a name for quality and professionalism. We have now established NBNCo pit and pipe design capabilities to continue this quality service to our customers. The coupling of our electrical design and pit and pipe packages for greenfield developments over 100 premises has proven to reduce cost and hassles particularly during construction.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with NBNCo pit & pipe designs.
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